Pup Overload

I’m sneaking away to write this. Everyone’s been cleaned up after, watered, fed, snuggled, cleaned up after again and now they’re having morning playtime which sounds like the soundtrack from How to Train Your Dragon – lots of odd noises, shrieks, barks, and crashing the sides of the pen.

DSC_9254So first let me tell you this is a lot of work. If you think it’s all snuggling and crazy antics and puppy breath, you’re right. But it’s also a lot of cleaning the same space over and over again, bathing puppies that play in poop, laundry like there’s a newborn in the house, and washing hands (again and again and again….).

I really want to tell you the BIG news, but first I have to get the puppy distraction out of the way.

So, they are cute. Crazy cute. And seriously, is there anything like puppy breath? Or puppy snuggles? Or six puppies squealing over the sight of you and clamoring for your attention. It’s only been a few days and I know I will cry when every one of these puppies go. (Well, maybe not Marzle….he’s the source of every bit of trouble they create.)

I’ll brag on them just a bit.

DSC_9329Boz is THE cutest thing you could ever imagine. His head is much too big, his ears are longer than the others (which is something Marzle CANNOT resist), and he’s wrinkly like a Shar Pei. When you pick him up, he sighs with contentment (or maybe relief) and burrows into you. He has a hound dog’s countenance which may be why I’m partial to him, but it also makes him look so very sad and forlorn and adorable. He gets picked on mercilessly as any runt would, but he is a big fighter. When the others corner him or Homeboy jumps on him out of the blue, Boz’s enormous mouth and tiny teeth are all you see waving around in every direction fending off his foes. And he already has a growl that sounds more dog than dragon. The only time you hear him cry is when someone (usually Marzle) grabs one of his long ears.

Jillie standing on Chick Pea and ignoring Marzle
Jillie standing on Chick Pea and ignoring Marzle

Jillie Bean is already listed as “adoption pending” and her potential Mommy and Daddy are coming to meet her tomorrow. This is no surprise. Not only is she cute as a button with those expressive eyes and sweet face, but she is the nicest puppy in the bunch. Not that I don’t like them all. She’s just more even-keeled. She loves to play, but she doesn’t yank Boz’s ears or pick fights (well, sometimes it can’t be helped when a certain similarly colored dog steps on your head enroute to his next rumble.) She wants you to pick her up as much as the rest, but she won’t step on anyone or bite your shin to let you know this. When you do pick her up, she is all kisses and wagging tail. Not sure if her new adopters have a psychic sense or just good puppy karma, but they hit the lottery with their pick. (She was “adoption pending” before she’d even arrived from transport!)

DSC_9338Homeboy has also gotten an approved adopter. I’d have to say he’s mostly the male version of Jillie Bean, although he looks much different. He is striking in his markings and colorings. He’s not much bigger than Boz, so I’d guess he’s the next to last runt. He’s all puppy but maybe a tad bit smarter than the others. When everyone else is fighting over one food bowl, he’ll wander over to the other bowl and if everyone is diving for the tennis ball I just tossed in the cage, he’ll sneak off with the plastic retainer case (the most coveted and fought after toy in the pen). He and Lug Nut seemed to have a bond and are regular wrestling partners, but Homeboy holds his own despite LugNut’s size.

DSC_9292Speaking of LugNut! What a gorgeous, expressive, chubby face. He reminds me of Gary Coleman’s character on that TV show where he always said, “Whatchyou talkin bout Willis?” That’s his default expression – that thought. He doesn’t look that much bigger than the others, but when you pick him up, you know he’s that much bigger. He’s a solid hunk of adorable puppy. He is the only one that can take on Marzle and his endless, ferocious energy. When the two of them get going, everyone else backs away. He will make such a great dog. Can’t wait to see who lucks out and gets his sweet soul.

DSC_9390Who’s left? Ah yes, Marzle. What can I say? You should all adopt him, if only to bring me some peace. Even when everyone else knows it’s naptime and heads for the crate, he will wander the pen looking for anything available for his busy mind and mouth. He’s insatiable in his need for contact and play. When I’m in the pen trying to clean up and I feel someone grab my pony tail, I know exactly which puppy is attached to me as I try to stand up. When I reach in to give morning pets, the open mouth I feel encasing my pinkie, that would be Marzle. When the puppy battles reach an intensity that demands I leave my keyboard and go settle things, I know which puppy I’ll be yanking out of the fray. If you’re looking for a playmate who will never be boring – pick Marzle! (Please!)

DSC_9392I’m only going to say a tiny bit about Chick Pea (that way no one wants her). She’s my girl. If I was going to keep one of these precious pups (which I’m NOT), I’d keep her. She is strikingly handsome. Her long legs say she will be an awesome running partner. She is bright and precocious and has something about her that says “I am amazing.” I’m a writer and I should be able to name that better, but I can’t seem to. She just seems above the rest, but not in a snotty or mean way. Maybe it’s that she seems more mature or more people-focused rather than puppy-focused. She’s my IT girl. Please don’t pick her. Okay, maybe you should pick her before I get too attached.

Now this post has gotten too long for me to share the BIG news, so I’ll have to write again this week. Let me just say it has something to do with Carla and I am walking around with a big lump in my throat and savoring every stroke of her velvety ears.

A few more favorite pics –

Boz and Homeboy
Boz and Homeboy
Homeboy catching the bouncing tennis ball while all the others battle for the soccer ball
Homeboy catching the bouncing tennis ball while all the others battle for the soccer ball
Marzle and Jillie bean snoozing (note that Marzle has his paw on her face)
Marzle, Chick Pea, and Jillie bean snoozing (note that Marzle has his paw on Jillie’s face)
Jillie Bean, Chick Pea (in back) and Marzle
Jillie Bean, Chick Pea (in back) and Marzle
Pile of Pups
Pile of Pups
Boz is everyone’s favorite snuggle
Chick Pea takes on three of the boys in a tug of war
Chick Pea takes on three of the boys in a tug of war
Marzle and Lug Nut squaring off
Marzle and Lug Nut squaring off
Battle for the soccer ball (I just love Lug Nut in this one - you can see all his Shar Pei skin!)
Battle for the soccer ball (I just love Lug Nut in this one – you can see all his Shar Pei skin!)

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6 thoughts on “Pup Overload”

  1. I have enjoyed reading your stories about the puppies and they have actually helped me affirm the decision to try and adopt one of them. Before I read your blog I had only seen what was listed about them on the websites. So I put in a request on one but he was already spoken for, so I chose one of his brothers. Then I read your blog……so I am thinking to myself about the fact that I chose to become a forever home for the rambunctious and energetic Marzle. I thought boy oh boy my current dog is going to hate me for this one…he has big ears so Marzle will enjoy biting them, but then I thought how he is the perfect match for our household and what we need after the death a couple months ago of our other dog from aggressive cancer. I am looking forward to meeting you and the puppies soon and bringing Marzle “home”.


  2. I look forward to snuggling with him and I am sure his chaos will be a welcoming change around here for Nore since he will have someone to play with when momma is trying to do homework.


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