Why Foster?

We are setting off on a whole new animal adventure! We’ve become a foster home for dogs and puppies! These creatures are rescued from kill shelters in the south and ferried up north to find forever homes. For reasons I lack the knowledge or the resources to determine, animal shelters in rural parts of North Carolina and South Carolina can have up to a 90% kill rate. Perhaps people in those parts don’t believe in neutering their animals, or maybe there just aren’t enough homes to go around. At any rate, I’m not asking any questions, I’m simply offering a warm space and a happy family to shelter a dog until he finds his forever home.

Why foster, you ask? Good question. Here’s my short answer: Cause we want another dog, but we don’t want another dog.

Now here’s my long answer: I miss my dog. Lucy was the best dog a girl (or a family) could ever ask for. She graced our lives for 17 years. She ran with me, even training for a marathon, protecting me against aggressive dogs, friendly good ole boys, and even the occasional possum. She matched me stride for stride and never said no. (A feat I didn’t appreciate until I tried to run with our other dog, Gracie, who routinely yanked my arm, tripped me, and ran in terror, dragging me for the ride, from any dog or person who approached us!)lucy with soccer balls

Lucy had perfect manners, never peeing in the house, stealing food off the counter, or chasing the cats. Perhaps her only fault was killing the occasional chicken that wandered into her territory. But who could blame her, she was a fox hound after all.

Lucy put up with untold indignities, helping to raise our three kids. She moved with us twice, learning her invisible fence territory in hours and always respecting it. Continue reading Why Foster?